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Custom Orthotics are shoe inserts that aim to correct and restore abnormal or incorrect biomechanics of the foot, primarily by providing support to the arches of the foot. They work by altering the way forces are transmitted during the gait cycle by changing where the foot strikes the ground and by controlling movements of the foot and ankle. The advantage of a custom orthotic is that it is made just for you! Because it is made and designed individually, it can provide support in just the right places to allow for restored biomechanics of the foot and ankle. Properly fitted orthotics help restore the normal alignment and function of the feet, and consequently the biomechanics of the entire body. It is in this way that custom orthotics can help relieve pain and fatigue from the body. While orthotics tend to be most beneficial for relieving areas of discomfort located in the foot, they can also be beneficial for chronic knee, hip, or low back pain for certain individuals.
Prior to orthotics being dispensed, a thorough examination of the foot and ankle is performed, and is accompanied by a detailed examination of the individual’s gait to ensure that they are not only a good candidate for orthotics, but to ensure the orthotic is personalized to fit their individual needs. Dr. Elaine uses a foam casting process for the orthotics, and can provide clients with a wide range of orthotics designed to fit into many shoes, including runners, dress shoes, ski boots, hockey skates, and soccer cleats.