About Synergea

Providing holistic services for individuals and families in Calgary, Alberta and the surrounding rural communities.


synergea-aboutAt Synergea Family Health Centre, we invite you to experience the diversity of a multitude of health and wellness specialties. We collectively offer chiropractic, active release technique, orthotics, physiotherapy, massage and related body therapies, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, psychological counselling, lymph drainage, pain laser and lactation counselling.

It has been our experience, as long-term providers of collaborative health care, that individuals and families derive abundant benefit from an inclusive health plan.

Acknowledging that our bodies are our true doctors, and that we are equipped with our own inherent healing mechanisms, our health needs are often best met through an integrated approach.

Although each of our disciplines is accessible independently, the integration of more than one health care practice may present a greater benefit.

Firstly, we respect that the very basics of individual well-being must be the foundation for optimal health expression. Appropriate nutrition, hydration, fresh, clean air, adequate rest, healthy physical activity, beneficial mental stimulation and human and spiritual connection are among the most essential needs we have. Reduction of unhealthy stresses, exposure to chemicals, toxins and environmental pollutants, and disharmonious relationships are life-prolonging practices, which must not be neglected.

Subsequent to these fundamental principles of living, our vital healing force may require one or more modes of enhancement, particularly when a health crisis may be encountered. Although we all recognize how critical prevention and health maintenance are, the treatments and health programs at Synergea are designed to embrace the many needs of individuals and families, from acute care through corrective care, disease and chronic care, short and long term support, and total wellness programs.

The Synergea team of health practitioners and paraprofessionals are experienced in providing compassionate, attentive and skilled care to the health care needs of you and your family. Our goal is to provide natural solutions, which promote physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health in a collaborative, professional manner. As you address your health care needs, we will be pleased to assist you in assessing the best combination of services to achieve your objectives.

The comprehensive services offered at Synergea Family Health Centre are consistently offered in a nurturing, caring, open environment where all people are respected. Thank you for choosing us as your health care facilitators.

Mission Statement

  • Individually and collectively, we are committed to innovation and excellence. We provide comprehensive services in a nurturing, caring, open environment where all people are respected.
  • We provide natural solutions which promote physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health.
  • We offer highly specialized professional knowledge and techniques in the areas of health, pregnancy, birthing, pediatrics and family well being.
  • We provide leadership within the wellness paradigm.
  • We provide current, diverse and comprehensive educational information to individuals and groups within the community, including health professionals.
  • We provide collaborative, multi-disciplinary, professional consultation and referral.

Value Statement

  • We value honesty and integrity, in all things.
  • We value the innate potential of each other.
  • We value life energy and the healing powers of nature.
  • We value love and compassion.
  • We value the process of transformation.
  • We value our own and each other’s gifts.
  • We value our interdependent working relationships as practitioners.
  • We value the unique strengths of the individual, the family and the community.

Vision Statement

Synergea is a vibrant centre of diverse health professionals, clients and patients, co-creating radiant health and well being.