Acupuncture with Lauren Appleton

Lauren Appleton grew up in a family that truly believed in alternative medicine, so becoming a healer came naturally to her.  Lauren’s goal is to treat on both a holistic and therapeutic level and is truly compassionate with her clients and what she does.


Lauren’s personal philosophy is reflected in her gentle treatment style.  Her belief is that healing comes from within and is there to support and educate her clients on how to bring balance and well being back into her clients lives.


Lauren is a registered acupuncturist with the Alberta health and wellness.  She graduated from the Alberta college of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  She also has training in Tui na massage, eastern herbology, and diet therapy.  Lauren practices different styles and techniques of acupuncture including traditional Chinese acupuncture, deep lymphatic acupuncture (Japanese), esoteric acupuncture (chakra balancing), and auricular acupuncture.  Lauren’s passion lies in treating acute and chronic pain, stress-related disorders, digestive disorders, gynecological disorders, and infertility whether as a support to medicine or naturally.


Deep lymphatic drainage acupuncture (DLTA)


Having been researched and developed in Japan by blind healers, DTLA practitioners emphasize information acquired by touch to determine needle placement. DTLA differs significantly from traditional Chinese forms of acupuncture in that one needle is placed at a time and gently manipulated until the tissue around it acquires a correct healthy tone after which the needle is removed and the next point addressed.


Chinese Herbs


Herbs, like acupuncture, help to heal imbalances in the body by giving the body what it needs, or helping the body to rid itself of what it doesn’t need, or strengthening the internal organs. Herbs are safe and natural, and can be used with acupuncture or on their own.