Pleasant Actvities to Put on Your List

– By Sharon Ashton and Raksha Dave-Gates (Counselling Psychologists)


Choose a number of activities you will do today!

  1. Wear clothes I like.
  2. Be outdoors (beach, country…)
  3. Help others I respect.
  4. Talk about sports.
  5. Watch or participate in sports
  6. Go to a play, concert, ballet…
  7. Plan a trip or vacation.
  8. Buy things
  9. Do artwork or crafts.
  10. Read sacred works.
  11. Rearrange my room or my house.
  12. Hear a lecture or talk.
  13. Drive skillfully.
  14. Read books or magazines.
  15. Boating: canoe, rowboat…
  16. Watch TV.
  17. Work on machines: bike, car…
  18. Play board games.
  19. Complete a difficult task.
  20. Solve a puzzle, crossword…
  21. Take a long bath or shower.
  22. Write stories, poetry, music…
  23. Ride in an airplane.
  24. Sing.
  25. Work at my job.
  26. Go to a church function.
  27. Go to a meeting.
  28. Play a musical instrument.
  29. Take a nap.
  30. Solve a personal problem.
  31. Put on make-up or fix hair.
  32. Shave.
  33. Visit the sick or shut-in.
  34. Sit in the sun.
  35. Go to the zoo or a park.
  36. Plan or organize something.
  37. See, listen to, or smell nature.
  38. Listen to the radio.
  39. Give gifts.
  40. Get involved in photography.
  41. Gather natural objects like rocks or driftwood.
  42. Work on finances.
  43. Help protect someone.
  44. Hear or read jokes.
  45. See beautiful scenery.
  46. Eat good meals.
  47. Improve health.
  48. Be downtown.
  49. Go to a museum or exhibit.
  50. Do a job well.
  51. Loan something.
  52. Go to a health club or sauna.
  53. Learn to do something new.
  54. Be with relatives.
  55. Invite a friend in to your home.
  56. Talk on the telephone.
  57. Daydream.
  58. Go to the movies.
  59. Kiss.
  60. Budget your time.
  61. Cook meals.
  62. Do “odd jobs” around the house.
  63. Eat out.
  64. Reminisce, talk about old times.
  65. Get up early in the morning.
  66. Visit friends.
  67. Write in a diary or journal.
  68. Say prayers or meditate.
  69. Do yoga.
  70. Read the newspaper.
  71. Exercise.
  72. Walk barefoot.
  73. Play Frisbee or catch.
  74. Listen to music.
  75. Sew or do needlework.
  76. Go to a barber or a beautician.
  77. Be with someone you love.
  78. Sleep late.
  79. Start a new project.
  80. Go to the library.
  81. Prepare a new or special food.
  82. Watch people.
  83. Build or watch a fire.
  84. Sell or trade something.
  85. Repair things.
  86. Ride a bicycle.
  87. Write letters, cards, or notes.
  88. Go to a potluck.
  89. Care for a houseplant.
  90. Talk a walk.
  91. Collect things.
  92. Do things with children.
  93. Stay up late.
  94. Go to auctions, garage sales…
  95. Travel.
  96. Play with pets.
  97. Read cartoons, comic books…
  98. Use my strengths.
  99. Consider a interesting question.
  100. Do volunteer work.