New to Synergea Ellie Ears for your Baby’s Head



Synergea Family Health Centre




This amazing product is incredibly well-designed for supporting baby’s head and neck while traveling or at home. We recommend the Ellie Ears to all of our mommas looking to prevent conditions such as torticolis (head tilting) or plagiocephaly (flat spots).”

Providing head support for babies – preschoolers. These one size fits all pillows can be used in swings, strollers, car seats and even hiking back packs, until they have outgrown the need for a seat with supported backing (ie. stroller or booster seat)

The Ears (pillows) frame babe’s head providing head support and correct cervical spine alignment when in an upright position. This can help prevent babies from favoring resting their head in one position, thereby assisting in the prevention of “head tilting” and “flat spots”. 

Often the use of rolled towels or blankets is recommended for positioning support. Ellie Ears provide this support with less bulk. The thin piece of fabric connecting the ears keeps them from slipping out of place, without attaching to any restraint mechanisms or pushing babe’s head forward.

Available in a variety of patterns – $21(includes gs