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Providing holistic services for individuals and families in Calgary, Alberta and the surrounding rural communities.

Gianna Palma, RMT

Gianna earned her Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy diploma in 2022 and has since dedicated herself to serving a diverse clientele and population. Specializing in Therapeutic Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Cupping, Hot-stone, and Pre-natal massage, she brings a wealth of techniques to her practice. Gianna comes from a background in Human Services which she incorporates into understanding her clients’ needs and giving them the best wellness experience.

She firmly believes in the transformative power of self-care, recognizing its profound effects on both the physical and mental well-being of her clients. Gianna’s therapeutic approach reflects this philosophy, as she adapts each session to address individual needs and promote holistic healing.

Gianna collaborates with other practitioners to support her clients’ long-term health and wellness goals. Outside of her work, she loves spending quality time with her family and enjoys nature through hiking and outdoor activities.