Colic Home Support

The following are suggestions for the parent(s) to use at home to support their colicky or pre-colicky infant:

  1. Using a comfort hold that provides pressure against the infant’s abdomen – lying on his/her abdomen across your lap or on a hot water battle wrapped in an insulating towel, sitting on your hip facing away from you, in a “football hold” or lying on your forearm looking away from you.
  2. Letting the baby suck for comfort on your breast, pacifier or finger.
  3. Walking and/or rocking the infant.
  4. Maintaining a tension-free atmosphere as much as possible.
  5. Swaddling the baby, holding him/her close, or putting him/her in a front pack.
  6. Maternal nutrition – eliminate all dairy foods immediately (for a minimum of 6 weeks), broccoli, cabbage, onions, garlic, lettuce, cauliflower, caffeine, alcohol.
  7. Use reflexology points for circular massage on the fat pads underneath the big toes of the baby.  Use your thumb – easy to do while nursing the baby.
  8. Employ circular, clockwise massage with your thumb over the baby’s sacrum (lower spine between the dimples) with fairly firm pressure.
  9. Circular, clockwise massage using warmed oil with your fingers on baby’s abdomen and “swiping” down towards the right hip.
  10. Drink diluted comfrey tea in small quantities – 1 tsp of comfrey steeped for 1 minute in 16 oz of boiling water.  Drink one cup at around 2pm and a second cup around 5pm.