Christmas Pajama Drive

Please help us fill our ‘Christmas Pajama Drive’ box.  Please bring a NEW and UNWRAPPED pair of pajamas for boys or girls, ages 0 – 12 years, during the month of December. They will be donated to the Children’s Cottage Society.

Breastmilk Replacement Formulas

Formula #1 Goat milk based formula. Most babies who cannot tolerate cow milk can tolerate goat’s milk. 32 oz. goat milk 200micrograms (ug or mcg) folic acid 1-2 mg B complex (dissolve a 50mg tablet in a one ounce dropper bottle and use l dropperful each day in the formula) 1/4 tsp flax oil 1… continue reading

The Formula for "Formula"

The formula for formula isn’t very scientific. Take corn syrup, whey from cows milk, cornstarch, cheap tropical oils, throw in a few vitamins and minerals, and process. Sell in wastefull packaging, market aggressively to hospitals, new mothers and Third World countries with inadequate drinking water. Charge enough to amount to a per-baby cost of more… continue reading

Weaning without Worries

How long do you breast-feed and when do you introduce solid foods? The following recommendations presume you, the mother, are eating the best possible diet, rich in the essential fatty acids, a wide variety of whole unprocessed foods and taking the ratio-balanced, broad spectrum, high quality, multiple vitamin and mineral supplement which has been prescribed… continue reading

Infant Digestion

– Mark Percival Understanding Your Infant’s Limitations At birth, your infant’s digestive system is still developing and is not yet ready to carry out the complex tasks of masticating (liquefying) and digesting (breaking down) foods. Your infant, of course, has no teeth yet and the salivary secretions necessary for proper starch breakdown are still insufficient…. continue reading

Introducing Solid Foods: When, What and How

During a four- or six- month checkup, I expect the question, “Doctor, when should I start solid food?” One day I decided to take the initiative and ask an experienced mother of six, “How do you know when to begin giving your baby solids?” “When he starts mooching!” she replied. “Mooching?” I asked, a bit… continue reading

First Food

Your baby is a few months old, and you have established a comfortable breastfeeding rhythm. Then comes the inevitable call from your mother. “What are you feeding that child?” she wants to know. Suddenly you begin to question whether your milk alone is enough for a growing baby. When do you need to start thinking… continue reading