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Providing holistic services for individuals and families in Calgary, Alberta and the surrounding rural communities.

Dr. Christine Perkins

Dr. Christine Perkins has been serving her Naturopathic patients since 1997 with a focus on Naturopathic Family medicine, pre and post-natal care, pediatrics and natural living. She assists her patients on all levels – mind-body-spirit.

After 18 years of experience Dr. Christine has found that encouraging balance between the physical, emotional, metal and energetic aspects of her patients is crucial for their innate healing response to be activated. She does this through the application of Homeopathic & Botanical Medicine, Nutrition, the Bowen Technique, Emotional Freedom Technique and Bio Intolerance Elimination.

Dr. Perkins assesses her patients during consultation, conducts pertinent physical exams and uses modern laboratory methods to understand her patients health issues and determine an effective, non-toxic and natural treatment plan.

In her spare time, Dr. Christine is always continuing her education and attends multiple seminars, workshops and conferences every year that include topics such as Biotherapeutic, Homeopathic drainage, Disordered eating (personally studies with Geneen Roth – author of: Women Food and God), Botanical medicine, the Bowen technique (trained under Ossie and Elaine Rentch – of Bowtech: the Original Bowen Technique) and Mind-Body medicine. She is continuously reading, understanding and applying the techniques so as to benefit her patients and facilitate rapid self-healing.

Dr. Perkins currently sits on the Competence Committee of the Alberta College of Naturopathic Doctors and has been a past licensed Bowtech Instructor, where she co-created a Bowen certificate program with Mount Royal University. She is also a KRI accredited Kundalini Yoga Instructor and offers weekly Yoga classes as well as Yoga seminars that include the topics of Detoxification, Stress Management and Optimal Immunity. She is a former La Leche League leader and breastfeeding consultant and is an Attachment Parenting advocate.

Thrilled to be a part of the Synergea family, Dr. Perkins welcomes new patients and looks forward to continuing to serve her existing patients with excellence, care and dedication.  For more information regarding Dr. Christine’s experience and to view her monthly newsletter go to http://radianthealth.ca/.