We have availability today  for massages!  All of our therapists are qualified to insurance standards and can offer you the following choice of treatments: Relaxation & Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage Injury Treatment (MVA) & Rehabilitation Hot Stone Massage Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ) Sports Massage Healing Touch & Aromatherapy Lymph Drainage & Detox Massage Therapy Pre… continue reading

5 Simple Ways to Ease Migraine Pain

5 Simple Ways to Ease Migraine Pain by Dr Alma Nenshi, Family Chiropractor Most people associate migraine headaches with intense throbbing head pain lasting several hours to days, and sometimes accompanied by nausea, vomiting, visual disturbances, vertigo and sensitivity to lights, scents and sounds. Migraines are actually the result of increased electrical activity in the… continue reading

World Spine Day 2017 – “Your Back in Action”

Every year on October 16th people from around the world join together on World Spine day to raise awareness about spinal disorders as part of the Bone and Joint Decade’s Action Week. Millions of people in all continents of the world suffer with spinal disorders. These can include low back pain, neck pain, scoliosis and… continue reading

Synergea Welcomes Lucie Bozdech, RMT

Lucie joins Synergea as a Full-Time Massage Therapist, with same day appointments available. She is trained in General Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Infant and Relaxation Massage to prevent and alleviate pain, muscle spasm and stress while increasing range of motion. Her aim is to provide a focused therapeutic and relaxing massage enhanced with remedial exercise…. continue reading

When was your last massage?

We have availability this week for massages.  At Synergea our therapists are qualified to do therapeutic, lymphatic, hot stone, relaxation, and pre and post pregnancy massages.  If you have benefits you are wanting to use, know that all of our therapists meet the required standards for  insurance companies.

Baby Buddy Pillows

The Baby Buddy Nursing Pillow Company has been in business for over 22 years.  They provide the highest quality of nursing pillows and we now have them in stock at Synergea Family Health Centre! The Baby Buddy Nursing Pillow is made in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and carried in retail stores across the country. It comes… continue reading

DoTerra Evening with Dr. Christine Perkins

Mark Tuesday,August 15th on your calendars for the next DoTerra evening with Dr. Christine Perkins!  Give us a call at 403-247-2947 to hold your spot for these very popular sessions.

Spotlight on Dr. Amaresh Swaro

Dr. Amaresh Swaro provides Botox injectables and dermal fillers to our clients. In addition to being a family physician with a thriving practice here in Calgary, and a background in surgery, Dr. Swaro is certified by the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine. He has memberships from the Royal College of Surgeons of Glasgow and the… continue reading

How’s Your Golf Swing?

As most of you who golf are already part way through your season,  you may have discovered problems with your swing.  To help you out we are reposting an article from Dr. Elaine Screaton’s blog.  If you think you may have an injury hampering your game just give us a call to book your appointment… continue reading